Makeover My Email Copy Masterclass

People don’t hate receiving emails, they just hate receiving bad ones.

Bad emails usually come from lack of strategy and include some of my personal favourites... like the one that shouts at you to BUY the thing! NOW!

Or, the one that comes out of NOWHERE after months of radio silence to sell you a new course or membership.

Or, the one that’s overly familiar even though you just ‘met’.

So what makes a good email?

Emails that grab attention and truly connect with people all have one thing in common… they’re written by one human to another.

But when our inboxes are cluttered with tons of bad examples, it’s little wonder entrepreneurs (like you) don’t know where to start.

I mean, you could buy an expensive copywriting course hoping that you’ll be able to become an expert copywriter within 6 months, or…

… maybe you just need the Makeover My Email Masterclass.

It’s short and sweet and binge-able in an evening.

(It also pairs nicely with a little glass of something – just sayin’).

Get comfortable and watch me break down how to write better emails from a range of real-life examples from my community. Business owners that have well thought out strategies and just need a little help to nail their execution.

I’m talking about strategies like, building your email list from your Facebook group, or delivering value to a new customer to set them up to buy again, or even launching a new downloadable product.

It’s simple…

You watch me working on-screen explaining the strategy behind the makeovers and editing copy as I go.

Watching these transformations will not only give you ideas for your own business, but help bring to life some of the writing blocks you might be facing in your emails too.

Oh, and you get lifetime access to watch and re-watch.

This class is $49 for now (and will increase after the next update happening in March).

"...I love the way Tamsin shares the why behind everything she’s doing..." - Sally G, Sleepy Bub.

"... I would recommend Tamsin to anyone looking to up their email game" - Emma B, Pretty Social Club.

2 Modules

Makeover My Email Masterclass

Watch the Masterclass here. To access the bonus module, mark lesson as complete (scroll down to find the button 'Mark As Complete').

BONUS Email Review

Watch Makeover My Emails Masterclass to unlock this BONUS module. 

Modules for this product 2

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